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Cold water in the morning?

Are you tired of waiting for hot water in the morning (or anytime), but don't want the expense or hassle of installing a recirculation system? Call us for the solution!


What does 'Professional' mean? The Oxford English Dictionary defines it this way: "Having impressive competence in a particular activity".

How are we Professionals?

  • Our Plumbers and Gasfitters are all licensed (ticketed). (all of your work will be done safely and to code).
  • We are covered by Liability Insurance. (to protect your property).
  • We are Bonded.
  • We have WCB coverage. (Our staff are covered under our insurance, not yours).
  • We maintain Business Licenses wherever we work. (for permits, and inspection of our work).
  • Our Technicians average 22 years of field experience. (Saves you time and money in many ways).
  • Our full-sized vans are well stocked. (over 90% of service calls are done without trips to suppliers).
  • We adhere to a written code of conduct while on your premises. (We will treat your property as if it were our own).
  • Our skills are constantly being upgraded. (The most current technologies are available to you).
  • We provide a 2 year warranty for new work and 1 year for renovations.
  • WE CARE.


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