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Table of Contents

  1. What makes you stand out from the crowd?
  2. I am planning a renovation. Where do I begin?
  3. Can you tell me something about these new “On-demand” tankless water heaters?
  4. I have no hot water, what should I do?
  5. My water heater is leaking, what should I do?>
  6. My faucet is leaking, what should I do?

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

We ONLY stand out if you YOU think we do! Only your intuition can tell you who to choose for your plumber. Peruse our website, and see if it rings true for you . Call us and speak to us on the phone. Meet us on site, in person. Ask us to pull our licences out for you. Ask us a lot of questions. You should be completely comfortable that you are dealing with people of integrity before agreeing to have any work done.

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I am planning a renovation. Where do I begin?

No matter what size or type of job, the process regarding the plumbing is very much the same:

1) Get started on your design. Do a rough draft, then call your contractor(s) in for feedback before you finalise your layout. (you don’t know what you don’t know, right?) This WILL save you money by keeping revisions to minimum.

2) Select your fixtures and faucets. We do supply standard fixtures (the best value per dollar, in our humble opinion), and there are benefits to obtaining these through us. You will get parts AND labour warrantees as well from us, rather than just a parts warrantee elsewhere. On the other hand, if there is a certain look you are after, you will need to go shopping. We can recommend some good sources. Whatever the source, we would be happy to review your final list to advise you of any potential issues. NOTE: Order your fixtures as soon as you can, as some can take a couple of months to arrive.

3) Ask us to run through our “Pre-construction Planning Guide” with you.

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Can you tell me something about these new “On-demand” tankless water heaters?

The on-demand units have actually been in use for many decades, but are relatively new to North America. They operate on the principle that the water is only heated when you need it. There is no storage tank, just a heater that hangs on the wall. The greatest benefit of these units is that the fuel savings are fantastic, so your “return on investment” is only a few years. They also last over 20 years, compared to 8.5 years for the old-style storage water heaters. There is no risk of a leaking tank flooding your house. You will never run out of hot water, either, as there is continuous supply! Our customers tell us that their domestic water fuel bills are about 50% less after the tankless unit was installed! Call us for a free evaluation, and we’ll estimate your payback period.

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I have no hot water, what should I do?

Find out if your water heater is gas-fired or electric. Electric Heaters: Check the breaker. If the breaker is O.K. it is likely that your element(s) need replacement. Gas Heaters: If the pilot has gone out, relight it by following the manufacturer’s instructions. If this does not work, then call us. We are a licensed gas contractor.

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My water heater is leaking, what should I do?

1) If your tank is natural gas, shut off the supply valve at the gas inlet (usually this means turning the lever 90 degrees from the pipe. If your tank is electric, switch off the breaker at the panel. 2) Shut off the cold water supply to the tank. Most of the time, your tank will need replacing at this point, but not always! Call us, and we’ll let you know if the tank can be saved.

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My faucet is leaking, what should I do?

If the water is leaking at the bottom of the faucet (or to the bottom of the faucet) shut off the hot and cold water valves under the sink, to prevent further damage to your countertop and cabinets. If they are the lever type, they are closed when they are at 90 degrees to the pipe. If they have a stem and round/oval handles, turn them all the way clockwise until you feel the washer tighten up against the seat. What to do after this depends on the age and make of the faucet. We stock cartridges (the main part of every faucet) for the most common brands on board our vans. There are times when a faucet should simply be replaced (for instance, some parts are no longer available, or are too expensive). If we reach this point, we will walk you through your options.

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